Sunday, August 5, 2007

Travel to Maui: Pumps, CGM & Salt Water

We just returned from Maui where my sister got married and it was spectacular! I have proof!

We saw rainbows EVERY day and I even drove through the end of one. I have never seen anything like this, but only caught one rainbow in photos.

I was SO sick of diabetes on this lovely trip. Every time we turned around either my infusion set was clogged or my girl had sand in hers, or my CGM was beeping constantly at me. She was low, I was high, or we were both low and Dad was pulling his hair out trying to understand all the drama. I wore my CGM on the plane with no issues, either in flight or at security. No beeps and no worries with 10 hours in the air.

Maui is the loveliest place I have ever been, even in a draught. We stayed upcountry, which to me is the REAL Hawaii. The place we stayed had an orchid nursery, along with a property full of bananas plants, papayas, lilikoi (passion fruit), tangerine trees, avocado trees and lemon treess. Lilikoi is the best thing I have ever tasted. I walked out of my room each morning with coffee and grabbed a banana off a bunch that was picked the day before. Sweet!

We also spent plenty of time at the beach. No matter what we did to protect our infusion sets, we had to change them every time. Salt water is to blame I bet. As it dries, the salt crystals clogged the holes. A guess, but probably a good one.

Speaking of beaches, this is where I sat for three days when I wasn't in the water.



Drea said...

Amazing pictures! Glad you had a good time!

Denise said...

Wow what a beautiful trip. I want to go there :) Thanks for sharing the photos.