Monday, May 7, 2012

Medtronic Trial: No Veo

Coincidentally, my headline, "No Veo," or "I don't see," in Spanish, is true. My number wasn't drawn in the randomized trial for the Minimed Veo Low Glucose Suspend Insulin Pump. So, no new pump today. Apparently, very few people in Austin got their number drawn in this national study. Boo hoo!

However, I will continue with the Enlite Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensors and the Bayer Next Link  for another 13 weeks! YAY! I really love the Enlite.

I really would love your questions. I take a lot for granted and may not be telling you everything you want to know. I have a really busy week coming up, so if you post some questions you might have, I'll get answers to you before my next full post. Thanks for all your support!


David Forster said...

Do you prefer the Dexcom or the Enlite cgm sensor? I'm trying to help my wife decide what system to switch to. She has the Dexcom now and really likes it (as the old minimed CGM was practically useless for her in terms of accuracy), but would much prefer something that synced with her pump (currently using a Medtronic pump).

I would appreciate any specific thoughts directly comparing Enlite to the Dexcom...


Wendy Morgan said...

My father died this past weekend, so I'm taking a break, but let me say thus. The Enlisted is awesomely accurate with occasional exceptions. The best part is only having one contraption. I prefer Dexcom's alarm programming, because you can ignore them for awhile and you still get readings.

I like them both, but the simple fact that I can't lose/misplace/forget my pump because it's attached to me, really makes me happy!

David Forster said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you and your family well at this difficult time.

Thank you for responding to my questions.