Tuesday, August 5, 2014

T1D Diagnosed in my Toddler 10 Years Ago Today

Happy 10 year Dia-versary to my now 13 year-old daughter and Type 2 Dia-versary to my husband.

My daughter was just three when she couldn't stop drinking or peeing and my husband decided to take her blood sugar. It said, "Hi." He didn't believe it, so he took his own. It said, "257." Clearly, the meters were broken.

He tried again with my other meter. Same results. I remember the phone call that drained the blood from my body. The wave of fear that hits like a tsunami. I almost slid under my desk.

My husband asked me when trying to get pregnant what the chances were of having a kid with T1D. I remember that conversation and confidently reporting that it was only a 7 to 10 percent chance according to my endo. Chances are a funny thing.

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