Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day Two: CGM Trial Continued

Wow! This thing works and I have had very tight control all day until this afternoon. I got a warning around 6:00 p.m. that I would drop from my current reading of 90 to 65 in 20 minutes. Boy, did I drop.

I was getting kids home from Girl Scouts when at 6:15 I hit 65 and fell steadily from there. I felt fine, no symptoms really, but by he time I reached our local taco joint, I was 58, before then could bring me a drink I was nearing lower 50s, before I could digest the drink, I was in the 40s. It took 15 minutes before my arrow began to show a climb. I was still under 65 when I finished dinner.

When I hit 85 after dinner I administered insulin for my food, only to get an alert at 8:00 pm warning that I would drop from 80 to 65 in 20 minutes. I immediately got some juice, but dropped to 65 within five minutes. I am at 53 now and the arrow is pointing South East, which is up from a dead south direction.

My average since 10:00 p.m. last night has been 137 with 68 percent of my readings within target range, 23 percent above (70-160 is target for me) and 9 percent below. Not bad considering my highest sugar has been 211.

It takes me a lot longer to climb from a low than I thought. I really thought I was up after ten minutes or so, even though I know all the books say fifteen.

My daughter was fascinated, but a little freaked out watching me drop at dinner. She knows what those numbers mean, but I assured her the body takes time to rebound once you drink some juice, and that I would be fine, but watching me hover so low for about 10 minutes was slightly startling.

I am 58, but the arrow is now due east, which means I should be climbing soon. I am changing my warning to a 30 minute advance and see if I can't stop these lows.

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