Friday, October 5, 2007

Tape is Necessary on CGM Transmitter--I just flushed $35 down the toilet

So, I put in a new Minimed Sensor two nights ago. I put it on my rear, so I had to get my hubby to help me because I don't like it too high on my hip.

I forgot to put on my overbandage (Tegaderm) and I thought about it several times, but I needed hubby to do this too, and he was never around when I thought about it.

I was very careful getting dressed and going to the restroom, but this morning I was bending over to pick up the recycling and a seam in my jeans caught just under the edge of the sensor and pull it right off my fanny.

Oh well!


Drea said...

frustrating eh....the first time I used my minilink I was excited to not tape it down....but out gardening, it flopped right into the ground but the end of the day. WHoops! Tape yes ;) sucks eh....

Angelala said...

I've never tried putting the MiniLink on my bum, but I do use BandAid tough strips to hold it on. Those things are monsters - they usually last longer than the six days I leave each sensor it. And they're very easy to put on by yourself, perhaps even in hard-to-reach locations.

eu said...
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Wendy Morgan said...

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