Sunday, December 6, 2009

Symlin and CGM: Digging it

So, I finally (finally) started trying out Symlin again. I really like it. I decided not to follow the instructions to bump up the dosage of Symlin (15mg, to 30mg to 60mg). I instead bumped up the dosage only if my blood sugars began climbing after meals.

I bumped up to 30mg about a week ago and haven't gone higher yet and I've been on it for three weeks so far. 30 mg makes me a tiny bit nauseous, but not like 60mg. 15 mg didn't make me feel sick at all. My blood sugars are SO stable. I have found when I eat a snack and don't take the Symlin, I bounce above 200 almost every time. With the Symlin I ride with barely a bump in the road.

One of the reasons I was so hesitant to try Symlin again is because of the drastic lows I had. They were scary. Scary enough for me to quit taking it.

My goals are to take less insulin, stabilize my BS and if I lost weight, I would be really grateful. Really.

I would not, under any circumstances, use Symlin without a CGM. It completely freaks me out to think of someone dosing 60 mg after a week or two on Symlin and not knowing their blood sugar afterward. Scary stuff if not monitored.

To conclude, if your doctor recommends it, take a look, but pay attention to your body AND your CGM.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I talked to my doctor about going on it(who didn't want me to go on it) but I'm still not sure what I want. I'm not on a CGM (could never get the stupid thing to actually be accurate) so maybe I'll wait a bit.
I still think it would be amazing not to go so high after eating. Keep up the great posts!