Thursday, February 18, 2010

Minimed Quickset Problem, Not Lot 8

I have had four "No Delivery" alarms out of one box of the new infusion sets Minimed has sent me. I reported it on the third time and just reported another.

It is with a box of 9mm, 23in. Quick-Set Paradigm with Lot Number: 9200558

It happens when I am bolusing only and within the three day window of normal infusion set function.

The Lot 8 issue was a fiasco and I wonder how long it took folks reporting their problems to get a adequate response. I bet if the problem had only been "No Delivery" vs. Spontaneous over delivery if it would have taken a lot longer for a recall? Any lack of delivery can be blamed on my scar tissue or improper insertion.

My experience has been that a No Delivery alarm is notice of a serious problem. I only twice or three times have gotten No Delivery alarms with an occlusion. I can be high for hours and never get an alarm, so when these alarms happen, I stop and pay attention.

Just curious if anyone else has had any problems.


Anonymous said...

my son is using quicksets and has had several "no delivery" messages. his blood sugars have been extremely high. we have his pump replaced, and have the same issue. we are now thinking the infusion sets are the problem.

George said...

I use the silhouette infusion sets and have a no delivery alarm a couple of times.

I think it is the infusion sets that are the cause ... tens of thousands are churned out by machine and I am certain that each one is not checked individually, allowing one that will malfunction to get through

My Healthy Foods Blog said...

Had the same problem too. I had to have my pump replaced and it took ages. Have to resort to injectibles for a while.

Unknown said...

I had the same problem with my last batch I just sent back to the pharmacy. I really hate the quicksets, I was much happier with the Insets from Animas. Ah well.