Friday, March 2, 2012

Minimed VEO and Enlite Study Start Date at End of March

Well, I am officially signed up to start the study at the end of March. There is an initial meeting, then a pump training. I think I get the new Enlite Sensor then and have to wear it for two weeks to see if I am a compliant study participant. I need to check my blood sugar four times a day and log "events" like low symptoms and exercise.

Check out this video on inserting the Minimed Enlite Sensor. Dreamy!!!

I don't log anything now, but I think I can handle it. If after two weeks I am a good girl I will be randomly picked to either wear the new pump or continue to wear the Revel and the Enlite Minimed Sensor.

Either way, I am stoked.

The other night, I went to bed with no CGM or BG reading (I was low apparently at bed). I bolted up at 1am and discovered I was 39. I drank two juice boxes and went back to sleep. At 4am I had exactly the same dreams that woke me the first time, and I check and was 50. If I had the new pump, it would have prevented those extreme lows. Dude. Better than my mother!

Anyway, I love a good study, but I really hope this is FAST! I want this technology for my girl. She is amazing and is doing really well managing her diabetes. 6th grade has been a challenge, but I am so incredibly happy with her self sufficiency, even if not perfect.

Lately I have been asking her to be the investigator. If she is high, I ask her to figure out why. She searches her pump history and has to relay what caused the high. No judgement. Just facts. Gentle, consistent investigation.

One recent change offered by our awesome CDE was the she automatically click through every blood sugar on her pump. What I mean is she checks her BG, it is 167, she continues to press activate until she gets an insulin delivery number or not. Not matter what, she just corrects every number. Sometimes it is no correction, but this is to establish the habit of at trying to bring BGs back to normal range.

Getting insulin in her during/after/before meals is another story, but we make progress and she is doing just fine. She is an expert carb counter, but her memory is another story.

I recently learned that as soon as we *think about* or smell food, our blood sugar starts to rise; the digestive process begins. Really we should be shooting insulin 15 minutes before we eat. I remember as a kid I had to take it 30 minutes before eating.

Anyway, I'll update after my first office visit and hope they don't throw a confidentiality agreement my way. I love tracking my experiences in studies.

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