Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Visit: Minimed Veo and Enlite Sensor Study

Well, I passed all my screening questions for the Medtronic Minimed VEO and Enlite Sensor study. They asked me 4,000 questions that all ended with the answer, "No." They drew three tubes of blood and then gave me 47g worth of carbohydrates in the form of one and a smidgen of a bottle of chocolate Boost. Then I had to wait two hours.

I thought I was free to read or something, but then came out a stack of paper, seriously 2 1/2 inches thick, with a bunch of yellow sticky notes. It was my entire medical history! She went through every single sticky noted page asking if I was on this medication anymore or that, when my knee surgery happened, etc. Lordy, I'm glad I'm not sickly, because this took almost an hour!

Interestingly, the majority of our conversation was around why I don't take my cholesterol medicine. The answer, "I forget" over about six years was not amusing to her. She said, "Part of eligibility of this study is compliance with its protocol." I replied, "It's the pill popping I have trouble with. I can check my blood sugar regularly."

Anyway, I will go into more detail about the requirements of the study, but oh! Joy! No confidentiality agreement, other than their obligation to protect mine. So I will write with Revel (get it?).

My next visit will start with the results of my blood work, which are measuring kidney function. If I am okey dokey, I will be trained and outfitted with a Revel pump, which I already wear. I kinda begged not to have to sit through two hours of training on a pump I own. She said she would see what she can do.

Then I have to comply with study protocol, which includes four BG checks per day and probably downloading into a guest Carelink account and uploading my pump info. If I comply, they will give me the Minimed Enlite Sensor and watch me for a couple weeks. I think I then get my name thrown in a hat and I will be randomly selected for either the VEO with the Enlite or the Revel with the Enlite Sensor. In my mind, I win either way, but I hope I get the VEO pump.

Have you ever participated in a trial? Let me know what you tried and if you blogged about it.

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