Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Medtronic Minimed Trial Part two: Got Some Stuff

I had my second visit for the Medtronic Minimed Veo and Enlite Sensor trial on Monday. I was given a new Revel pump and a new meter from Bayer that links to the pump. It has a color screen. It is under investigation as well. I was also given a binder full of papers and log sheets, a blood ketone meter, ketone strips (I have to check every morning. Ugh.).

I will have to upload my readings to CareLink under a trial username each Friday and log my ketones and notes, like the fact that I have a cold right now. Also need to record exercise, lows, etc.

In two weeks I go back and get the Medtronic Minimed Enlite Sensor and can't wait to tell you about it. If you've read my blog long you know how much I hate the harpoon of a sensor they offer now. I like the results, but the UI is sucky.

One bit of info that isn't confirmed, but intriguing is that Minimed intends to continue to use the Revel model, not the Veo, but upgrade the technology in the Revel. Not sure why, but I guess the study is for the technology, not the device itself.

I just want all of this to come to market. I want the Medtronic Sentry for my kid and I want the hippest thing out there to help us manage this pain in the ass disease.

FYI - I am wearing the Dexcom 7 Plus CGM until I get the Enlite. Wearing it makes me remember why I really like the Minimed; it is all in one. I am constantly losing my Dexcom receiver in my bathrobe pocket, in my car, in my jeans that almost made it to the wash. Sigh. Hurry Minimed!

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