Sunday, January 14, 2007

CGM: Discrepancy

Well tonight is the first time I have seen a more than 10 mgdl discrepancy in my blood sugar readings on the CGM vs. a finger stick test.

I ate a snack and forgot to bolus right away and after while I was 277. I wanted to confirm it with a finger stick and it said 315.

Maybe when my blood sugar comes down a bit, it will be more stable. Interesting note.


Anonymous said...

That is still not bad. That would be a zone A reading on the Clarke error grid.

Anonymous said...

I have used the Dexcom. Not always becuase too pricey. NO insurance for it. Question. Where did they tell you to place it? I see you have used arms and tummy. Also can it follow a downwards trend if it happens quickly? My Dexcom has trouble with quick changes in my sugars. Also could you just ignore the calibration signal and wait for a convienent time to do? That is what I do. Finally, what do the Navigator folks tell you about scar tissue build up from five day use-anything? Thank you for posting your experience.

Wendy Morgan said...

Thanks for your questions. Here are some answers:

1. For the study I can place the sensor and transmitter on my stomach or back of my arm.

2. Yes, the Navigator follows trends very well and provides warning as far as 30 minutes before an expected low/high.

3. You could ignore the calibration alarm, but it beeps at you every 10 minutes and you can't turn that off.

4. They say tiny pieces of the sensors could be left under the skin, but have shown to have no side effects. Nothing specifically has been said about scar tissue, but frankly, this sensor leaves less of a mark after five days than my infusion set does after three days. This is very NON-invasive. I love it.

Anonymous said...

For anonymous Dexcom user, 2nd comment:

Navigator is WAY more accurate than our device (and the Minimed, too).

But it's a bit odd that you are unable to use Dexcom continuously due to cost-- most users on diabetescgms get at least 8 days avg, the lucky ones like me get LOTS more.

I average 18 days per Sensor, which works out to less than $60 per month (24x7, of course.) Are you unable to re-use your Sensors, and have you tried the GOOD Dexcom locations (upper butt cheek, or love handles on the side)? Frontal Abs don't work as well, often resulting in BOTH worse Sensor life AND poor accuracy.