Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diabetes Management is FUN; I sweat playing Wii Fit!

Ok, I have to admit, I wanted the Wii Fit as much as my daughter did for Christmas. She almost has me beat doing the hula hoops, but I gotta tell you the yoga and strength training are F.U.N.

I like that the "trainer" can tell you if you are shaky (not from low blood sugar, but I'd pay extra for that) or imbalanced. The balance board tracks your progress in the form of BMI, weight and balance or posture. It really is a marvel.

I did seven yoga poses and six or seven strength training exercises and then did the turbo hula hoops and got a high score. I was actually sweating a little. Amazing.

NOW, imagine if there was a Wii Fit Diabetes Management Edition. You heard it here first! An edition that let's you put in not only fitness goals, but HbA1C goals, average blood sugar goals and meal planning options. Oh! My God that would be so cool.

What if, it was internet based and bluetooth enabled so you can download your pump/meter and give access to your doctor. Ok, fantasy over, but if Nintendo is listening, get busy! There are 23.6 million people with diabetes in the US alone and more than 230 million in the WORLD!

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Anonymous said...

So Wendy, when are you going to pitch your Diabetes idea to Nintendo? We want updates!

here's my ode to the Wii Fit if you care to laugh a little at my obsession with the best workout of my life: