Friday, April 20, 2007

Lost Sensor--My First Minilink Sensor Change

So, I lost my sensor yesterday. I had problems on Wednesday; I had a Weak Signal for awhile then got a Lost Sensor, even when I held the pump right next to the sensor. So I reached the conclusion the battery must be dead. I couldn’t tell because the sensor readings were all blank, after all, it couldn’t read with no signal and I couldn’t access past sensor data either (DUMB) to see if this was a low battery. So I recharged the battery and reconnected and went through the whole calibration process.

Yesterday, I got a Cal Error about 30 minutes after my first calibration. On my second try, where my blood sugar was exactly the same as the first time (ruling out blood sugar fluctuations as the problem) I got a second Cal Error and then a Sensor Failed.

So, I ripped it off and started over. What surprised me was how soft the sensor canula was; much more flexible and thin than an infusion set. I had a small red spot at the insertion site, but it looked better within the hour.

Things are back on track, and I had eight days wear with my first sensor, so not too bad. I got some advice from Noel that inserting the sensor at 80-85 degree angle helps prolong the life. I tried it (I think), so we’ll see.

Accuracy has been good, but not as close as the Navigator. Maybe 40- 50 point spreads on occasion, but I think my Freestyle Flash runs high when I calibrate. I haven't done a comparison as I ran out of BD strips, so will do soon enough.

I have pictures to post, but I will have to do later.


Drea said...


Was your wesk sensor/Lost sensor on day #7? That happens to most of us on day #7. I usually unhook and restart as a new sensor and all is fine....


affme said...

Per a source a minimed, the transmitter is set to turn off if it has not been charged within the last 7 days. They also recommend that frequent charging will prolong the transmitter life (obviously talking about the mini-link)

Wendy Morgan said...

It was day seven. I took it off, charged it and still go the sensor failed. Read my post from 4/26 and tell me what you think regarding my latest (and a friends)failed sensors.

StorageCraft said...

It was hardly a week when i lost my sensor which was specially exported from the States. I felt really bad that day and did not have my food. I am again collecting money to purchase it.

Wendy Morgan said...

Wow! WHen I said I lost my sensor, I meant that I lost the signal. I am so sorry to hear you lost your transmitter. They are tiny and hard to keep track of.

My friend, a doctor, threw his away after pulling off an old sensor. He'd had it about a week.

Good luck getting a new one!

Igcognito said...

I am terrified to insert the needle. Can someone please tell me if it is painful? I have been trying for 30 minutes and I am usually good with needles but this seems intimidating.

Wendy Morgan said...

Just go for it. It doesn't hurt most the time, but sometimes when you pull the needle out you feel it. Feels pretty much like an infusion set, plus 3.

Pull your skin taut where you insert helps. Be prepared for it to bleed when you remove needle. Have gauze ready and don't freak. It actually means things went right.