Friday, October 5, 2007

Tape is Necessary on CGM Transmitter--I just flushed $35 down the toilet

So, I put in a new Minimed Sensor two nights ago. I put it on my rear, so I had to get my hubby to help me because I don't like it too high on my hip.

I forgot to put on my overbandage (Tegaderm) and I thought about it several times, but I needed hubby to do this too, and he was never around when I thought about it.

I was very careful getting dressed and going to the restroom, but this morning I was bending over to pick up the recycling and a seam in my jeans caught just under the edge of the sensor and pull it right off my fanny.

Oh well!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Symlin and CGM--Wow! This is SO much easier

You know I tried to use Symlin a couple years ago, before the Continuous Glucose Monitor, and it was HARD. I got low...really low and the lows are tough to treat, but I recently decided to give it a try again now that I have the Minimed Realtime Continuous Glucose Monitor.

I am 38 and my insulin requirements have increased significantly in the past year and I am also gaining weight as a result. This does not make me happy, so I'm trying Symlin (which I hear is now FDA approved in a pen).

I have been on Symlin for about a month, using it once or so a day. It is NOT convenient to carry it around with you when you have been reliant on the CGM and your pump, so I usually get Symlin when I am at home eating.

I have to say, it is miraculous to see how it impacts my blood sugars post meal. It works well, but the best is that I can catch lows early and see exactly how it impacts my readings for hours after.

It has been a long while since I posted regularly, but in case you weren't sure, I LOVE having a CGM and I can't imagine life without it. I will live longer and I will see my child grow because I know answer to the only question that really matters with diabetes-- "What's your blood sugar?"