Thursday, February 18, 2010

Minimed Quickset Problem, Not Lot 8

I have had four "No Delivery" alarms out of one box of the new infusion sets Minimed has sent me. I reported it on the third time and just reported another.

It is with a box of 9mm, 23in. Quick-Set Paradigm with Lot Number: 9200558

It happens when I am bolusing only and within the three day window of normal infusion set function.

The Lot 8 issue was a fiasco and I wonder how long it took folks reporting their problems to get a adequate response. I bet if the problem had only been "No Delivery" vs. Spontaneous over delivery if it would have taken a lot longer for a recall? Any lack of delivery can be blamed on my scar tissue or improper insertion.

My experience has been that a No Delivery alarm is notice of a serious problem. I only twice or three times have gotten No Delivery alarms with an occlusion. I can be high for hours and never get an alarm, so when these alarms happen, I stop and pay attention.

Just curious if anyone else has had any problems.