Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diabetes Management is FUN; I sweat playing Wii Fit!

Ok, I have to admit, I wanted the Wii Fit as much as my daughter did for Christmas. She almost has me beat doing the hula hoops, but I gotta tell you the yoga and strength training are F.U.N.

I like that the "trainer" can tell you if you are shaky (not from low blood sugar, but I'd pay extra for that) or imbalanced. The balance board tracks your progress in the form of BMI, weight and balance or posture. It really is a marvel.

I did seven yoga poses and six or seven strength training exercises and then did the turbo hula hoops and got a high score. I was actually sweating a little. Amazing.

NOW, imagine if there was a Wii Fit Diabetes Management Edition. You heard it here first! An edition that let's you put in not only fitness goals, but HbA1C goals, average blood sugar goals and meal planning options. Oh! My God that would be so cool.

What if, it was internet based and bluetooth enabled so you can download your pump/meter and give access to your doctor. Ok, fantasy over, but if Nintendo is listening, get busy! There are 23.6 million people with diabetes in the US alone and more than 230 million in the WORLD!

Woke up thinking about diabetes complications at 3 a.m.

This morning I had a first; worry about the future impact of complications on my body. Perhaps it is the pending New Year and the resolutions that always hover. Perhaps it was my husband, who said that he is sick of sitting in front of the computer and wants to get moving. Perhaps it is the Wii Fit and the fun games that are making me think a lot more about my diabetes and my overall health.

I have three months left of my 39th year. I was in the bathroom this morning and wondered if I need a mammogram now. Making my poached egg, I scrapped off half the butter I was about to use.

I put my CGM on four days ago for the first time in months. I thought the transmitter was about to konk out on me when I had a couple iffy sensors and bad readings, so I tucked it away and feigned self-control by "knowing my body." I have to say though, my blood sugars are darned normal most the time and the CGM confirms this for me nicely.

So, in bed this morning around 3:00 a.m., I started thinking about how my body was aching; really in need of a massage (which I got for Christmas). My ankle was stiff and the more I twisted it and stretched it to try to loosen up, the more I realized I don't like to be in pain, or really even discomfort, AND I don't like taking pills to make me feel better. This led to thoughts about how I'm going to feel if I am in pain all the time because of complications. I actually thought. "I'm not sure if I could live with that." I thought, I hope I get killed by a bus or freak train collision rather than suffer as I get older.
Don't worry, I'm not imbalanced or depressed, but it made me think about how much control I take over my health and life. Where does diabetes care fit into my priorities. To be honest, not very high on the list. My health fits in right about where most people fit it in, between kids activities, work, doing dishes and beating myself up over the things I *should* be doing.

I don't spend an inordinate amount of time beating myself up; gave that up years ago, but I have slipped to the other side to virtual complacence. Don't think that is the best place to be either.

My daughter takes most of my energy, time and stamina. Her diabetes takes the rest. How do I teach a kid to make the right choices, when they aren't a priority for me?

So, the Wii Fit really kicks some butt. I ought do be doing yoga now, but I just wanted to start a dialog about reality, not fear. A little voice in me is saying that I should be more mindful, thoughtful about my choices. That self-care is a high priority, no matter my other obligations. I think the example of the oxygen mask on the airplane is perfect here. If I don't get air first, how can I help my child?