Friday, August 26, 2011

Better Success with Accuracy

Well, the Dexcom caught a low in the middle of the night and it was right about the low, but 30 mg/dl off. But juice was administered.

I have to say, my daughter is being a champ with middle school schedules. Rough second day, but overall its been great.

For the first time I can remember, she is feeling self conscious about pulling out her meter and pump. She's worried, because the rules are so strict and kids think she is using a cell phone, which means an automatic detention. So many new kids she doesn't know, so the looks and questions like, "What's that?" get annoying.

Glad its Friday! Saturday, my girl is doing a roller derby camp all day. Should be fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Accurate, So Far: Dexcom 7 Plus

Last night I was awakened by an alarm that said 47. Actual blood sugar was 90.

Today, alarm says 401, actual reading is 234. Calibrated and its back to 254, but still.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Like trending arrows: Dexcom 7 Plus

I like the constant trending arrows; pointing east for level sugars and northeast/southeast for going up or down steadily, but not fast and of course, north or south, which is pretty way to figure out.

I know folks have been blogging about this product for years, but I might as well document mine.

Also, to clarify, I have great insurance, so this experiment is largely affordable. I still like my minimed cgm, but my daughter tried it once and that was the end of that. Harpoons don't play well with kids, do we are giving this a try.

My girl had never really cared about taking her blood sugar in front of folks, but 6th grade its so different. Eyes are on every move she makes and we need diabetes to be as discreet and private as possible.

Can't hear alarms on Dexcom 7

Well, accurate  readings, but the alarms and not loud enough and the vibrating is absolutely not strong enough.

Also, the receiver is easy to put down and walk away from. Potential problem.

Trying out Dexcom 7

We are trying out the Dexcom 7.  My daughter won't wear the Minimed, so we are giving this a try. She just started middle school and I really want her to have this technology, and I am furious that the FDA has held up the approval of the new, rumored improved, Minimed sensor.

First report of the day; couldn't feel the vibrating alarm to calibrate and it was very close to the body. Not a great sign, if you need alarms privately.

More later.