Thursday, March 13, 2008

FreeStyle Navigator FINALLY Approved

Well, the time has finally come! The Abbott Diabetes Care FreeStyle Navigator Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is finally approved by the FDA and available!

I started this blog when I was admitted to a three month study of the Navigator and I wrote extensively about my experiences over the trail. It begins with my first day and continues through some trials and tribulations over the following three months.

I included lots of pictures of the unit, of the insertion process and it seems that it is virtually the same unit I used in trail, but they updated a few irritating things, like there was no way to escape out of the reports window without waiting for it to time out.

During the trail my blood sugars were more manageable, but it was only in my final week of the trial that I truly realized how profoundly this technology could improve my control. My doctor could see things that would never be seen with 8 tests per day. I had a drop in my A1C of 10 percent during the trail and that prompted me to buy the Minimed CGM when it came out with the Minilink.

I think there are comparable in technology, BUT the Navigator would give me alarms 30 minutes before I was low and that saved me more than once. Also, you have readings every minute, which can be very helpful as you are dropping.

The insertion of the sensor is MUCH better with the Navigator and you don't see this HUGE needle plunging into your belly like you do with the Minimed.

The Co-pilot software was awesome; way better than the Minimed version. I loved the visuals along with the numbers.

I could not find the pricing information on the web, so I called the hot line and held for 5 minutes. They took my personal information first, then told me the pricing would be as follows:

The receiver and transmitter kit, which also includes one box of Freestyle strips, batteries and lancets will range in price from $960 -$1040. The Sensor kit includes six sensors for approximately $360-390. That is $60 a piece folks. Not sure how much I appreciate that without insurance coverage.

If anything, I think this will give Minimed and Dexcom a run for their money, which I hope in turn, brings about sexier and more sophisticated devices from which to choose. I like my Minimed because it is contained all in one unit, but if I were to buy today, I would absolutely consider the Navigator.