Tuesday, January 13, 2015

T1 and Trying Invokana

Well, I started 100mg of Invokana today to try to reduce the amount of insulin I'm taking. My doctor recently upped my bolus ratio and I'm so tired of gaining weight to get better control, which causes me to need more insulin, which causes me to gain weight. Ugh!

Invokana is not yet approved for Type 1, but I recently participated in a trial to work toward that end. Unfortunately I got the placebo. It was a blind trial, but I knew pretty quickly it was not working. I did hear that a few people I our trial had excellent results. The trial was for 100 mg and 300 mg.

So, my doctor gave me some samples of 100 mg to give a try. I probably ought to wait for my cycle and PMS to pass, which puts me on a much bigger daily dose, but I figure what the heck, let's give it a whirl. I'm on a pump and I dropped my basal 10 percent off my standard rate. I also dropped the new bolus ratio by one full unit. I am wearing my Dexcom with CGM in the Cloud to use Nightscout and the Pebble watch, so I can monitor my BGs closely.

I will be drinking lots of extra water and taking a probiotic daily, which I read is helpful in fighting the yeast infections that have been reported. I have read a lot of forums and they actually seem to be pretty rare, but better safe than sorry.

Wish me luck. I've read very positive results.