Friday, February 22, 2008

My Seven Year-old Holds onto her Routines--TIGHT!

I have had diabetes for 24 years and I go through periods of great diabetes focus. Then, I get tired and just can't over think it anymore. My blog hiatus since December is evidence of where I am.

My daughter's care has been challenging. Her A1C is up and our vigilance has slipped because this disease is frankly really inconvenient. Let me say, we still test 10 times per day, but I have been more likely to forget to tell her the carbs for her snack she grabs in the middle of tree climbing. Thirty minutes later I have the flash, "DAMN, I forgot to tell her the carbs!"

She rarely goes too high, nor does she go too low, but she doesn't sit at 100 all the time either. You know the infusion sets are becoming a problem in terms of viability. They aren't lasting as long and I suspect this is due to scar tissue build up. I just gave advice to a dad looking at pumps for his eight year-old and said to be sure to promote site rotation right away; this has eluded us entirely. My girl likes it on her rear and that is IT. Just the thought of doing it on her tummy or thigh sends her into a panic.

I have really noticed how routine and the specificity of that routine is extremely important to her. Getting her to try anything new is just exhausting. We went to the video store on a rainy Saturday and I thought she would really dig seeing the Muppet Show; I remember how darned funny it was when I was a kid. Hys-ter-i-cal! She groused all the way home from the store and FINALLY, half way into the third episode with Gilda Radner, she began laughing. Now she is hooked, but it took two and a half episodes and that is a long time in kid time.

So, imagine me trying to get her to try an new type of infusion set or a new site. It is just too exhausting, so for now Good is Good Enough.

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