Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Threshold Suspend on Medtronic 530G(!!!)

Ok, so clearly my devices were confused during my last post, but now I am low (60 or below) and got my first Threshold Suspend alert/request. Here is a picture of my pump, Dexcom and meter readings about 45 minutes ago.

This was spot on. In fact, I drank a juice and walked to pick up a burger and I felt LOW when I got back. Then I hit 60 and I accepted the Threshold Suspend option, which I could not photograph, because I just wanted to cram down my burger.

My Dex says I am 72 right now, I am not. I can tell. So, awaiting the juice, burger and the lack of insulin to bring me up. I have 1.1 units of active insulin, so it is going to take more than that box of juice. I am tempted to eat everything in my snack drawer. But I will wait.

I like this. A lot, but I am concerned about my first two days of readings. I hope this is just a fluke, poor sensor placement or some other anomaly because I like this low glucose suspend. I feel safer. More later.

Got My Medtronic 530G with Enlite Sensor (Notice, no exclamation point)

I am on day two of wearing my brand spanking new Medtronic Minimed 530G with Enlite Sensor. I got purple. I put the Enlite sensor on Monday night and it was a bit of a rocky start with accuracy. I kept on my Dexcom G7, as it was a new sensor and I thought the comparison might be useful.

By mid-day yesterday, the readings were so off that I restarted the sensor. Things then seemed close, but not all the time. It had me dropping more than 5 mg/dl per hour or rising that fast. By last night things seemed smooth and comparable, but this morning, I am completely confused. I did drink coffee and ate some oatmeal 10 minutes before these readings.

I need to be an investigator and work some things out. Perhaps: 

1. My very first Enlite Sensor was bad or poorly placed (stomach)
2. It takes a few days to "warm" up
3. It doesn't like me
4. This proves that no matter what machines we have, diabetes is crazy. (Update: WINNER)

I don't have time to analyze all these, but will check back when I can. I hope to report that this was a fluke. I'm probably calling Medtronic this afternoon to get a replacement sensor.