Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Threshold Suspend on Medtronic 530G(!!!)

Ok, so clearly my devices were confused during my last post, but now I am low (60 or below) and got my first Threshold Suspend alert/request. Here is a picture of my pump, Dexcom and meter readings about 45 minutes ago.

This was spot on. In fact, I drank a juice and walked to pick up a burger and I felt LOW when I got back. Then I hit 60 and I accepted the Threshold Suspend option, which I could not photograph, because I just wanted to cram down my burger.

My Dex says I am 72 right now, I am not. I can tell. So, awaiting the juice, burger and the lack of insulin to bring me up. I have 1.1 units of active insulin, so it is going to take more than that box of juice. I am tempted to eat everything in my snack drawer. But I will wait.

I like this. A lot, but I am concerned about my first two days of readings. I hope this is just a fluke, poor sensor placement or some other anomaly because I like this low glucose suspend. I feel safer. More later.


Unknown said...

So how is the new cgm doing with mini med or is the dex better

Wendy Morgan said...

Hi Dusty,

I have been waiting to follow up because I have a running list of things that I love about both. I also have a list of things I don't like about both. Let me just say that the low glucose suspend feature has actually been a real life saver a couple times, so big, big brownie points for that.

However, one thing that drives me nuts about the Minimed is that the alarms are not loud enough when you are sleeping with the pump, which I think precipitates the lows. I like the Dexcom next to my bed because I can hear it, as can my husband. The other night I must have had multiple alarms but was dead asleep and low. Neither of us heard a thing until I rolled over. The threshold suspend was active. I drank a juice and went back to bed.

Funny how you can get what you wish for and then find every reason to wish it was even better. I'm happy, but wish they could have upgraded the interface even a little. It is so 1990s. I know that. I also know that I buy it for the insides, not the outside. But a girl can dream...

Both work great. I have issues with the tape on the Minimed. Haven't found a great way to ensure stick with sweat and workouts. Experimenting and also trying to do it the way they want me to. That usually comes after trying it my own way.

I still really prefer the Dexcom for my daughter for night and sports monitoring, but we haven't tried the 530g on her yet. I like having her CGM by my bed at night. I sleep so much better!

Thanks for asking! I'm still evaluating, but I do very much like the Dexcom, too!

Unknown said...

Well , I have been on the minimed pump for about 15 years. I am now needing a new one. I am having a real hard time deciding on a new one. What would be your top two ?

Wendy Morgan said...

I have only used two pumps in all my years. A Disetronic, long out of business, and the Medtronic Minimed. I truly appreciate the focus of Medtronic on making the pump more like a pancreas. After all, that is what we want it to be. There are other pumps that are more shiny, but don't have a CGM built in yet. There have been promises, but no delivery. Medtronic has not only linked the two, but have made the first half of an artificial pancreas.

Overall, the thing is reliable. I love the simplicity of the bolus wizard, which other pumps don't have. I find this highly irritating when watching friends bolus with other pumps. It just isn't very fancy on the outside. But it has all the latest smarts on the inside. I vote true technology, even if it isn't perfect. I want to live as freely with this disease as I can and I think that as of right now, this is the pump to do that. That is, in my humble opinion, as fair an assessment as I can share.

The Dexcom still rocks as a CGM. But it is separate. I prefer connected. You should see me with my phone, pump, CGM reciever, and glasses in my hand stumbling out of bed in the morning. Having one less item is nice and I won't leave the CGM in the pocket of my bathrobe when it is attached to me.

It is a big investment, but generally folks fall into one camp or the other. I'm interested in new devices, but I want them vetted for awhile. I've watched pump company after company fall off the map. That is not for me.

Wendy Morgan said...

Let me just add that I don't think there is anything wrong with the other pumps. Each one offers things that works for their users. I kinda feel like this is an Android vs. iPhone debate. A debate that is not winnable, because each user is happy with what they have. Check them all out and go with your gut!

Unknown said...

I am so grateful for all your information .
Hopefully I will get it all worked out !
I was wondering how many units of insulin do you use in a day . I use about 55 to 65 units a day . Will the new minimed hold enough for 3 to 4 days?
Thanks for everything !!!

Wendy Morgan said...

Yes, each cartridge hold 300 units. They have a smaller pump for kids that hold 180.

Unknown said...


Have you noticed large discrepancies between the minilink and actual blood readings? Today I got a suspend alarm but I was about 200, then after about 20 min I lost the sensor. Any tips?



Wendy Morgan said...

Paulo, I have experienced exactly the same issues. I haven't been blogging hoping I could resolve them with a new batch of sensors, but it appears that the problems persist. Not super frequently, but it is not something I experienced in the trial. I have had thresh suspends in exactly the same way you described. I've also lost sensors and had cal errors like I never had in trial.
I emailed my rep again and am waiting to hear back. Sorry I can't be of help.

Wendy Morgan said...

Just as an update to Paulo, I got a new transmitter after lots of conversations with Minimed. I have had two sensors-worth of time and am getting less issues. But, I need more time. I had another woman express concern about this in a different post and I forwarded both Paulo and her comment to my reps at Minimed.

Hoping the transmitter fixes the issues. So far, with new transmitter, Ive had good accuracy.

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal Dexcom G4 user for 1.5 years- and it has changed my life/diabetes management for the better. Sure it can be expensive, but I am now completely lost without it. However, it was not always rainbows and butterflies. I had not realized I was inserting my sensors into scar tissue. My readings were so consistently off by 100 or more (compared to BY) that I almost threw in the towel. Finally, after calling tech support at least once a business day- somebody finally asked me if I had my sensor in scar tissue. Oops!
Since then, the readings are so accurate- I make corrections based on my cgm readings, even though it is warned against (except for calibration times or the rare occurrence of a faulty sensor).

Wendy Morgan said...

Excellent point! I'm not sure if that has been an issue, but I wouldn't rule it out. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy.
I am on the 530 G with CGM for two weeks. I a plagued with "Weak Signal" alerts and then eventually "Lost Sensor" alerts. I had to restart the current sensor twice. Sometimes it is accurate (in the ball park), sometimes not. But if I cant even move the pump 12 inches from the transmitter without losing signal, what earthly good is it?
You can see my blog at

Cheers, DocJerry

Anonymous said...

oops, is the blog, previous typo.

Wendy Morgan said...

Well, I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. I need to do a new post. I've had good luck lately, but I'm kinda ticked off I cant restart the thing like I used to be able to and get even a few more days out of it. I've tried several tricks. I can wear my Dexcom G7 14 days. Thanks for reading and commenting. This has been a mixed bag experience and partly why I haven't posted in a long time. I did upgrade my daughter's pump, but we are using the Dexcom on her so I can watch the receiver at night.