Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crisis Averted: Flu is not taking us down!

Well, we all got flu shots, but spending an entire weekend with (a non-symptomatic flu carrying) friend in close quarters for four nights and five days, leads to the flu. My daughter, now 13, got a fever yesterday after her BFF got one the night before. Unfortunately, somewhere along the four hours of napping, her pump became disconnected and we didn't realize that until after two corrections for seemingly explainable highs and a bunch of breakfast tacos for dinner.

587 mgdl. Five hundred eighty seven milligrams per deciliter. That was how we found out. Only moderate ketones, but she was feeling sick. I begged her to drink water, but she couldn't. On the phone with doctor, who I haven't called for help since she was 10, she suggested I wait to see if bolus worked and then maybe head to ER. Teenager said she couldn't wait, so away we went.

It wasn't DKA, but it's hard to communicate with ER nurses in a way that doesn't sound condescending. Especially when all you want is a line inserted and saline dripping. It's all she needs and it is the slowest things coming. We had a good experience except for missing her vein and having to try again in her hand. They were good to us, but it just all takes so long. They come to report that her blood sugar is 570 from the blood they drew an hour ago.

Ultimately it took six or seven hours to get get BG down below 300. Her ketones never climbed, which was our reason for coming to the ER. Her fever is still there and she is sleeping with 140 BG and a new CGM sensor on.

I'm so glad we went to the ER. The flu shouldn't have hit her at all, and with T1, it has a whole new level of worry. She mentioned last night one of her T1 buddies from camp was in the hospital with the flu. I hope he is doing well, and am glad he shared his story with my daughter or we may have waited a lot longer to seek help. Humbled by diabetes today.

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