Monday, January 9, 2012

Medtronic Minimed MySentry $2,400!

I just got off the phone with Minimed and was pretty surprised to find the newly announced Minimed MySentry costs $2,400 and is not covered by insurance. It is cool, but I think I am more surprised by the lack of insurance coverage than the price. Hmm. Not surprised, but disappointed. Do you know what would have been smart, to annouce the upcoming release with the price, so we could get the sucker budgeted into our flexible spending accounts. The year just started and I've already ordered $500 in diabetes related supplies. There is no way I can forgo $2400 of my yearly allotment to buy this through flexible spending, but I might have budgeted for it in October. Shame!

I would love to have this thing, except I will never get the existing Minimed CGM on my daughter. I am so glad they are working on new products, but they REALLY need to fix the harpoon.

Really, what I need is an app that will read my daughters CGM or even her blood glucose meter and I will get alerts from it or be able to check on her when she is away.

Medtronic makes good products and really are industry leaders, but I am so incredibly sick of waiting for upgrades and better technology.

It is painful to wait for Medtronic Minimed to move and the MySentry product is a huge advancement (that I was promised five or six years ago), but they need to pick up the pace.

Oh! my goodness it is painful to wait. I swear the blood glucose monitors are exactly the same as I had in 1983, except 40 percent smaller and 40 seconds faster. Painful!

What are you waiting to see?