Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Hollandaise

Everyone feeling the crunch yet? The gift giving is off the hook this year. I can't control myself with the eating, shopping, and overall need to consume.

My girl and I made sugar cube houses; a diabetic nightmare if I ever saw one, but they are beautiful. I caught myself eating one of the candy rocks off her stone pathway to the front door and had to slap my own hand away.

They were much prettier before the kitty decided to play with them.

Just got the tree up with family this evening; weeks later than we have ever done it before, but I think I have some holiday blues, which leads to more consumption.

I haven't been wearing my CGM for about a week now. Just tired of everything and I am shocked at my capacity for malaise, even with all the twinkling lights, cookies and yumminess. My blood sugars are great, even without the CGM, so I will settle into the flow and try to enjoy the rest of the holidays.

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Como rentar un apartamento said...

I'm with you on #9, I need more recipes that don't require an oven. Even though we have central air by mid summer it is so hot out that I don't want to get near the oven.

I enjoyed reading all your answers.