Friday, April 18, 2008

Camp Sweeney, Here we come

My girl and I are headed out today for a family weekend at Camp Sweeney for kids with T1 diabetes. The weather is supposed to be spectacular, but I think it is still a bit early to swim in the lake.

Last year my girl (then 6) went to Sweeney for a week-long camp and she spent a lot of time crying. She is very attached to me at bedtime and had a very hard time with home sickness, so this year we decided to do the weekend camp together. Little does she know, this weekend is prep for the three week camp next summer. Her daddy and I need a break!

She'll be 8, turning 9 at the end of summer then, and I figure she'll be over us (Ha!). So hubby and I are planning a trip (in our heads) to the Mexican Riviera, even if it is just for four nights or so. We haven't spent "quality" time alone since she was born. Actually, our last vacation alone was during the Millennium New Year where we went to San Francisco. I was pregnant and didn't know it until I got home from the airport at nearly midnight and peed on a pregnancy test.

My man is starting a new position with UPS as a driver, so he can't travel with us this weekend. He has been clerking there for 2 1/2 years, which allowed me the flexibility to start my own business, as UPS provides full benefits to the WHOLE family not no cost (besides his sweat & blood); he just had to work minimum of 25 hours per week. He has worked nights for as long as he's been there and operated another business from home during the day.

So, this weekend is a test run, prep for future spousal vacation. We'll have two weeks vacation next summer to use and I hope my girl is ready for three weeks of fun at camp.


Adam Greene said...

ha! Now that I'm an 'adult' and looking back on it, I'm a bit suspect of the times my folks would encourage my twin sister and I to go to week(end) camps. And here I thought it was because they loved us! ;)

Ady said...

My daughter with D and her twin brother go to Sweeney for 3 weeks every year--at least the past 2 and we have paid the deposit for this year. They love it and we do too. The first year was hard --for me. We alsways go on a trip while they are gone. I hope you have a great time this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Lol...yes, usually by nine they're more ready to handle being away from Mom and Dad. Wait 'til she's a teen!!!

Unknown said...

Truly the greatest place on Earth for your diabetic kids. Each year we cross the Atlantic to send our daughter to Camp Sweeney from the UK into the care of Ernie Fernandes and his amazing councillors and Medstaff. Truly a second family for all the diabetic children, the only ones that I know of who cry are those age 18+ who are leaving having outgrown the camp. Each summer's session fuels my daughter through the harsh life being diabetic can be and gives her strength to cope and thrive with good diabetic control. She counts the days until she can return and as parents we know she is safe, happy and cared for whilst we take our own vacation. It is impossible to recommend Camp Sweeney highly enough or sufficiently commend the staff for their dedication, devotion and care.

Anonymous said...

Love Camp Sweeney, but times are tough and so is a $500.00 deposit for a single parent. Worth every penny!