Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today is her Birthday--Party!

Today is my daughter's 9th birthday party. I have the biggest cake on order you can buy and 40 plus people and kids coming to celebrate.

We also just recognized the 5th anniversary of her diagnosis. I remember her 4th birthday party, which was 20 days after her trip to the hospital. We served cupcakes, because I could figure out the carbs easier.

Looking forward to celebrating with friends and family today. It's been a tense and stressful start of school. Diabetes, teachers, nurses, 504 adjustments, big highs, and big lows and no pattern for making adjustments. Looking forward to week two when adrenaline isn't such a factor in BG levels.

Looking for cooler weather too, but I need to give it another three months in Austin. 66 days at over 100 and I think today will put us to 67!


Kelly said...

Yay for 9! Maddison's birthday party is tomorrow and she is 9 also :) Hope it all turns out great!

We are 3 weeks into school....yep...have the same issues you mentioned! We are amazing D moms aren't we? Glad to see you updating your blog!

Wendy Morgan said...

Thanks! Her actual birthday is Monday, 8/31. Happy Birthday to Maddison too!

It has been awhile for regular blogging for sure. Unfortunately, just not enough room on my list on the list of to dos!

We are awesome moms! It is a real struggle to keep up with everything and to deny that is just plain silly!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter. I hope you are both doing well!