Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Dexcom Pro and Another Con

I forgot something in my last post about the Dexcom Seven Plus. PRO: I love that I can wear the sensor for two weeks. Shhh! It's kinda a secret, but some folks I know get three weeks out of it if the glue holds.

However, CON: the receiver needs to be charged, so if you can remember to plug it in at night next to your bed, you are safe. Forget and the battery can go caput and you are out of luck until you can charge it again. I was out of town this weekend and forget the power cord, so it ran out of juice into day two and I was left hanging.

Not a huge issue, but a different one from the Minimed which has you charge the transmitter.

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1 comment:

Meagan said...

Wow I see your point, though it has the pro of being able to keep it on for 2 (sometimes 3 ;) shh) weeks, it is important and sometimes hard to remember to charge it! Seems like there isn't anything that is the best of both worlds.