Friday, May 11, 2012

Medtronic Trial: Enlite Sensor Questions

Still a little bummed I didn't get the Minimed Veo, but I've been thinking more and more about the Enlite Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor and what it's introduction might mean.

Well, it would mean freedom from harpoons, but really, technologically, it would mean a pump upgrade. Rumor has it they would use the Revel in the US, not the official Veo from Europe, but that wouldn't mean we get to keep our current Revel model.

The current Revel's are programed for the Minilink CGM with a sensor life of three days. The Enlite is six days.

Also, I wonder if they will upgrade the transmitter technology. I'm not thinking so, because I still have issues with weak signals on my trial version. I really need a new transmitter for my personal system, but I don't think I want to upgrade until all of this stuff comes out.

While I totally appreciate the trail on the Veo, and I want it bad, I more than anything want the Enlite sensors for me and my 11 year old. However, I just bet the next major upgrade offered is a combo of a new "Revel" (with Low Glucose Suspend) and the Enlite together. I guess I initially had this thought that I could just order new sensors when they came out, and maybe a new transmitter for extra juice, but that is pretty wishful thinking.

I have amazing insurance (my husband works part-time for UPS and coverage is KILLER), so I'm actually not worried about cost, but this might mean we have to wait for both to be FDA approved, which scares me. I'm eternally sick of waiting on the FDA for new technology. Oh! So weary!

Will you upgrade if a new pump and new sensor system comes out as a packaged deal?


Sylvia said...

I can't wait for the Enlite for my daughter. I would upgrade to a new pump just to get it. But her Revel is under warranty, so I can go through the Pathway program and a pump is just $399 and doesn't process through insurance.

tlr4 antibody said...

The Enlite sounds very interesting. I hope it brings peace of mind for those with diabetes.