Friday, June 20, 2014

New Tool: Sugar Surfing - The Book

I just discovered this book that is set to come out in the near future and thought it might be of interest. It is written by Stephen W, Ponder, MD, who has had diabetes nearly 50 years and is a pediatric endocrinologist north of Austin. I've seen him speak several times and I love his perspective on diabetes care. The project is fully funded, but you all may be interested in picking up a copy. I've learned more than a few helpful things from his Facebook page and blog, The Power Within, and I bet the book will be cool.

One of my favorite tips I learned was when high from a pump occlusion, take your correction plus two hours worth of basal insulin right away, then set your pump at 0% for two hours. It helps you expedite the descent after a high blood sugar and not crash later. It's worked perfectly for me and my daughter.

Here is a link to the Indiegogo site to read more.

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