Sunday, May 27, 2007

Diabetes Camp for Kids--We are ALONE!

My daughter is not home. She is at Camp Sweeney in north Texas, close to the Oklahoma border. I was SO amazed at what a fabulous place this is and how many competent and extraordinarily friendly people were there waiting to greet us.

She is only staying for the Mini-Session which is Sunday through Friday morning, but for her first time, I think this will be perfect.

I feel so comfortable about the place that thinking about the possibility of her staying for the three week session next year amde my hubby and I giggle. We talked about hitting the Mexican Rivera for a week -- ALONE!

We haven't left our girl in any one's care for more than a sleepover and the idea of us getting some time alone is awesome. I just walked in the door from a very long drive, so I haven't had time to miss her yet, but I am so happy she is having fun and being cared for meticulously!


Kassie said...

one of my absolute favorite memories of my diabetes camp director experience was of a family that brought their 9 year old son to a weekend program and stayed down the street in a hotel, leaving the hotel number, 2 cell phone numbers, and a friend's number (for a 2 night program).

A few years later, after sending their kids (we offered sibling programs, too) to multiple weekends, vacation camps, etc... they dropped them at camp and took off for Maine. That was a true sign of everyone's success!

Anonymous said...

I came on this site only because I do not know what is occlusion, so have never checked for that when my pump indicates I should. Of course, this is a question I should be asking my doctor, but it is the middle of the night!

Wendy Morgan said...

If you have a pump and your blood sugars are running high for no apparent reason, your infusion set could be clogged, which is also called occluded. Usually, you know this long before the pump tells you. I have become sick with ketones before the pump ever indicated a problem, so I have to be vigilant about changing my infusion set if highs don't seem to be coming down after a couple boluses. Hope you are doing ok this morning!.