Thursday, May 31, 2007

ARGH! Spoke too soon! Bad Sensor Day Eight!

About an hour after I posted my last note, I got two "Cal Errors" and a "Bad Sensor."

I am ok with six or seven days, but I am really challenged to keep it on longer. Not becuase I have to, but becuase I love beating the system.

Try, try again!


Drea said...

I am on day 28 with my current sensor. No issues at all with this sensor...still accurate. I had 2 of the day 7 resets. I unhooked, recharge then and hook up as a new sensor. Every time the sensor starts up again no problem.

If I do get one CAL ERROR, I give a few hours and calibrate again. I usually only get Cal errors when I try and calibrate on a "swing"....

It did take a little while to get all these little tricks in hand, but they are second nature.....I forget the little guy is there!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you locate the sensor that it doesn't get knocked about for 28 days?