Monday, June 11, 2007

Reminder: Freestyle Navigator Info in Archives

I was at Camp Bluebonnet today with my daughter and a bunch of great parents and their kids with diabetes and I was reminded of how grateful I am to not only have a CGM, but to have had the experience with the Navigator CGM that is still not released yet. For those of you just tuning in to my blog, and are interested in learning more about the Freestyle Navigator Continuous Glucose Monitor to be released by Abbott Diabetes Care later this year (crossed fingers), I have chronicled three months of trials in the first part of my blog archive.

Keep in mind, that my comments and photos were of a version that isn't necessarily going to be released, and the things that will most likely change are size and calibration times. I love my Minimed Real-Time, but the Navigator was awesome when the CGM projected lows or highs -- really quite accurately. I look forward to the day I can upgrade to the latest technology, but I count my blessings every day I have the sophisticated technology I do have.

There will always be a tomorrow, as with computer technology, but to utilize the best the market currently offers is an awesome experience and My A1C is the better for it. Next steps are to get this and all CGMS covered by insurance, but for now I count my lucky stars...Oh! my blood sugar right now is 138 post dinner.

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