Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Diabetes CGMS Yahoo Group--A great resource!

I found a great resource in a yahoo group titled Diabetes CGMS. It has more than 400 members currently using various CGM systems from around the world. I posted a question about Air Travel with the CGMS and a firestorm errupted over safety in air travel.

I have connected with some really nice folks who either have the CGM themselves or for their child. No question asked, seems unanswerable. Keep in mind, this group is only for those currently wearing a CGM.

I think I am going to set a target date for my daughter and then slap this thing on her bottom. She is not convinced that this has any value to her and the fact that I want her to have it, only makes her resist it more. Is this six year-old behavior, or what?

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A couple more cgms resources: