Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another diagnosis

On Facebook tonight I learned that a colleague's son was diagnosed with diabetes at two years old. He asked for warm wishes and helpful" We'll get through this" advice. He had 23 comments at last check.

I sent him a message and said I am happy to help them anyway I can. My experience with diabetes for the past 26 years and three days (Oct.13, 1983) will be helpful. My experience with a daughter with T1 for five years and two months will be welcome, I'm sure.

However, my long message offered very little advice; that two of the three available doctors are best, and that it really will be ok.

What more can you say on the eve of diagnosis?

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Scott K. Johnson said...

That is so tough. I'm sure your experience, both as someone living with type 1 and as a parent of someone living with type 1, will be a great help to them as time goes on.