Thursday, April 19, 2012

Medtronic Trial: Minimed Enlite Sensor ROCKS! So Tiny and Comfortable!

How do I love thee, Minimed Enlite Trail Sensor? Let me count the ways...

Seriously folks, I love this sensor. I've had it on since Monday and I have had some hard diabetes days. I'll get to that in another post, but so far, I can't feel a thing and it works like a charm.

I'm not going to go into how to put it on, because all of that is in a video on the Medtronic website.

Some things I love about the sensor:
  • 69% reduction in size compared to previous sensor. We are talking a HUGE difference in size, which meant a HUGE difference in needle required to plunge the thing in your body.
  • Adhesive tab that holds the Minilink Transmitter in place.
  • Specially designed adhesive that slips over the sensor head before you put on the Minilink. Although, it is super soft and easily gets stuck together, so you have to be quick and hold it on all sides.
  • Can't feel a thing. Going in, or wearing it. Nothing. Completely comfortable.
  • Six days of wear.
Some things I love about the Serter (although I think that is a silly name):
  • Hidden needle.
  • Easy enough to load, but requires thought.
  • Needle retracts after insertion and you don't have enormous needles to dispose.
  • I like that you press the button to unlock the sensor, then let go of the button to release the needle and sensor. Don't know why this matters, but it feels less scary that pressing the button and waiting for the scary click. I only have done this once in the trial office, so I'll fill you in on my next experience.
Other than those things above, it works just like the previous sensor on the pump. Same requirements for calibration, but they are recommending we calibrate multiple (as many as four) times per day, but only two are required for wear. Another thing, I think I can get this on my daughter! Really, this is huge.

Do you wear the Medtronic CGM now? What do you love most and what are your biggest beefs?


Anonymous said...

I'm eager to see a point-by-point comparison with the Revel CGM. Since you have experience with both those of us with the Revel are eager to hear about what might be in our future when this is approved. How I wish I was in your shoes right now!

shannon said...

wow, thanks for all this first-hand information. i look forward to following along with your trial. my daughter uses the mm cgm, but only when she's going on a sleepover. otherwise she won't do it, for many of the reasons you've listed here. too big, too painful, too much of a pain if everything isn't done exactly right. i hope the enlite comes through sooner rather than later.

Wendy Morgan said...

I will do a point by point sometime down the line. Everything is too new to do yet, but so far, very pleased! I know I can get this on my girl. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading and please ask any questions you have. I write fast and furious and may not cover a detail important to you. I will try my best to provide details over the length of the study though!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Wendy.

Do you still have to wait 3hrs to get first sensor reading? Does the sensor just end with no warning like the minimed cgms? I hate when I get a sensor end warning at 2am. I'm still very excited for the Revel sounds like they've made some big improvements.

Mama 'betes said...

I love my CGM and have really poor control with it. I am very excited about the one you are trying since you say it lasts 6 days? That in and of it self is huge!

Wind Diesel said...

It takes 2 hrs. to warm up
and no warning before i dies

But it is very accurate in it's BG measures, and a very great help.

Wendy Morgan said...

So, true. Pretty annoying alarm to leave off. Especially when they are so alarm happy!

Vasilios B. said...

Any idea when this is going to be released in the US - the MM CGM I bought a few months ago has been my biggest regret. I'm not wearing it for reasons mentioned - and it doesn't help that I have the composition of a Sasquatch.

Wendy Morgan said...

No one knows officially when this will come out, because it is pending FDA approval, which is never a predictable process. However, I did hear rumors that Medtronic Minimed will make some big announcement in June, but who knows. Let's cross our fingers it is soon!

Regarding warm up times, yes, it is still two hours, but what I love to do is put the sensor on before bed and wait to turn it on until first thing in the morning. It asks for calibration immediately, which then means that on day 6 when it ends, it will end at the same time you started it, which for me is before work.

I usually wait until that evening to start the process again, but that also means a day without it.

Someone asked on if you can restart the same sensor and wear another 6 days. I had a day that the sensor ended when I was away from home all day, so I tried to restart it and got a "Sensor Error" after a few hours. I have no idea if that would happen if I tried it again.

Since I am involved in a trial, I don't want to play with it too much, but in that particular case, I thought I'd give it a try, and it didn't work.

I have never seen "Sensor Error" before, just "Cal Error." Not sure if that is new or I have just never had that kind of error.

Just a note that I'm on my third sensor and accuracy is awesome. Comfort is perfect. Love, love, love this thing!

Gussylove said...

I have the minimed enlite sensor too, its fantastic I don't really like putting it on and the beeps get annoying sometimes but its really great it makes me feel safe. best thing ever!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be involved in testing new products like this! How did you get involved? I actually called minimed to ask about the enlite and they had no clue what I was talking about...

Wendy Morgan said...

My doctor's office has a research department does trials with different companies. I got lucky being asked to do this one. Minimed staff may know very little about this because 1. it is pending FDA approval and 2. the product is available in Europe, but unless they are following what's going on there, they might never heard of it. Seems kinda silly to not know, but that's how I'd explain their lack of knowledge.

bkleinhe said...

I have the new enlite sensor with my 530g. Read about it online, my endo signed off and 6 days later it was on my body.

But I've never used a pump before, so haven't used cgm yet. I'm still ecstatic from getting this new contour next monitor that talks to my's so much better than the one touch I was using.

I'm sure I'll use the cgm at some point, as the low threshold component would be cool...but right now, it's awesome without it!

Anonymous said...

You can restart sensor go to new sensor hit act then go back and hit old sensor and act asks for blood sample on finger and no warm up