Thursday, April 12, 2012

Medtronic Trial: End of Second Week

So, I am ending the second week of the pretrial where I am just wearing the Medtronic Minimed Revel with no sensor and no Veo trial pump. I just have to be sure to check my blood sugar four times a day with the Bayer meter mentioned in my previous post, my ketones each day and log everything into a trial version of Carelink each Friday.

Monday I get the Enlite Sensor. I'll try to take some photos to share. Really thrilled about this and the easier to insert sensors.

FYI - Diabetes Daily has asked me to guest blog about the trial, so I will post a link to that next week.

Curious if any of you have tried or even seen the MySentry yet? I would really like to know how this works, especially for parents with T1 kids. Do you want one as much as I do?


Anonymous said...

I'm working at getting MySentry - not for kids but for myself. I'm the only one in my family with T1. Combine hypoglycemia unawareness, nightly lows, being a sound sleeper and hearing loss and I am a disaster waiting to happen. Just started the ball rolling today and hopefully it will come through.

Wendy Morgan said...

Thanks for posting. Are you trying to file it through insurance? Minimed says insurance isn't covering it, but I can see a relatively easy justification to get it covered. Plus the pump is not loud enough under covers. My daughter was 411 this morning. What I wouldn't give to have known when she was at 250. Please post back your results. I am so excited to know what folks think of it.

Emily R said...

this is super exciting; i cant wait to hear more; i am actually in a trial next week with just the sensors I think.... they said i would have 2 enlites, 1 guardian and 1 ipro. are you able to tell us more about the bayer meter? does this one talk to the pump

Wendy Morgan said...

Yes, the Bayer meter talks to the pump, just like the One Touch Ultralink. I will write more about the meter in another post, but it isn't anything revolutionary. Has two welcome screens and takes more than 5 seconds, because it takes a couple to register the blood. Not a bad thing, just nothing awesome. It is colorful.

Please let me know how your trial goes. I don't know anything about the iPro, so I'm gonna have to look that up.

Thanks for posting, Emily!

Megan said...

I just got the Bayer Contour USB meter last week because my new health insurance doesnt cover my Freestyle and I didnt feel like fighting a month long battle to keep it. I thought the meter was pretty cool, granted it is not linked to my pump as that is still in trial mode. Bayer also has a prescription savings program for at least this year, you pay the first $15 copay and they cover the rest. I never used the One Touch, my insurance copay was too high and I hate giant meters.

The Ipro is what doctors use in their office to help gather data to show their patients needs to be approved for CGM or for just a short term basis. It is a blind trial, the numbers do not get sent to your pump. I hated it and hate the current Mimimed CGM, which is why I got Dexcom. I wear mine in a classic iPod arm band on my ankle. I am so use to it that I dont feel it anymore. I ordered a better ankle band from enter code pump at check out and save 10%. Hope this helps someone.

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