Monday, October 1, 2012

For What It is Worth, I Asked the President for Help

Tears streamed down my face this morning as I wrote a letter that will be read by an intern and probably never be seen by anyone who could offer help. I had to try though. Maybe if I write every single day, the White House can knock on the FDA's door and ask them what the hell is taking so long.

I simply can't understand. I won't understand how a product being successfully and readily used since 2009 in Europe, can take so long to approve here in the US. What is WRONG with this picture. And, when it is finally approved, American's will be falling over ourselves thankful to have four or five year old technology. I certainly don't blame the President for this, but I do think he could help. Just asking the question, "What is taking so long?" and "When is the Medtronic Minimed VEO and Enlite Sensor being approved and made available to Americans." It would be nice if there was a question about what the hell took so long, but I'm not picky. I just want this pump and CGM for myself and my child.

My frustration is palpable. My desire to take care of my child and myself with the most comprehensive technology available is beyond words. My anger that I can't have what has sat on market shelves for more than three years in Europe literally brings me to tears. Problems this illogical really get to me.

So, I better get to work and hope that someone is doing something out there for the millions of people living with this disease. Something beside making another stupid glucose meter in a new shape or color.


Anonymous said...

lighthouse I could not agree with you more. I have had diabetes since 1987. went legally blind, recovered my vision, have had thyroid cancer and now have stage 3 kidney disease and homeopathy. I am allergic to most medicines and nothing helps with pain. My doctor says only CGM will improve my conditions and help with weight loss. I went from 12.5 A1c to 7.2 A1c with pump and now need CGM for improvement.

Wendy Morgan said...

Wow! There are so many folks in our shoes. I wish you the best!