Monday, October 1, 2012

Manual Insertion of Enlite Sensor...Fail.

I have only found this video online and not one single set of instructions for manual insertion of the Medtronic Minimed Enlite Sensor. The video is helpful, but I have found that on my adult skin, her technique was just not that simple. Repeatedly the needle would spring back into its holder as I plunged it into my skin. She does not show the insertion, but does a good job of explaining her process, however, since I have only had success with one sensor manually, I'm pretty frustrated.

Does anyone in Europe have the instruction manual and does it offer a manual insertion technique? What if you were traveling and left the Serter at home? There must be a way to do this without launching the needle back into its casing. I'm not leather, but I do think that a two year old might have the softest skin on earth. So, if any of my European friends who have the Enlite can share their experience, please comment.

My daughter is 12 now and I am watching her blood sugar spike for reasons that can only be hormonal. It is hard to manage. I can't be with her or monitor her anymore. Some days she has band sectionals at 7:00 a.m. and doesn't come home until after a volleyball game at 7:00 p.m. I sure would be nice to have this CGM. Seriously, what is the deal?

Really, an expert advice from lucky folks in Europe, would be appreciated!


Wendy Morgan said...

Ok, I'm going to try one last time and I think I might have an idea about how to fix this. I have been flattening my skin to make it more taught, like I do when I put on a Quickset. I think that could be my problem. I'm going to try to squeeze up a pooch of skin, so it is softer and squishier. Wish me luck!

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