Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day Eight: CGM Trial

Today was a very busy work day for me with a PR event downtown. Thank God I had the Navigator because I would have gotten low and never know it. I was running around like crazy coordinating things when I got a warning. I stopped what I was doing, went into the neighboring restaurant and asked for some Coke and proceeded to get back to work with very little interruption.

No emergency, no panic, no worry. I just got it taken care of and it wasn't an issue.

Regarding the sensor and transmitter being in the back of my arm, it was a little uncomfortable last night in bed when my arm is flat against the bed. Turning over on my side, I felt like it was in the way, but throughout the day it has served me well.

Someone asked about comparisons between the Navigator and the finger sticks on my previous post. I did a few in the first few days with very comparable results, but this is a good idea and I will do more in the coming weeks, so look for those.

This is my second calibration with a new sensor (you take finger stick readings at four different intervals from the time you put the sensor on and it becomes active to calibrate it) and I had a discrepency between the Navigator Finger Test and the Navigator CGM readings today by 30 points. I was also hitting a low at that time, just after my event when I waited to take action, so the calibration isn't very effective if you are swinging high or low, so I'll report more as I experience it.

Two more comments, the Navigator screen is plastic and it is becomming really skuffed up pulling it in and out of my pocket, where I think most people would wear it. I also think the read-outs are hard to see without the background light. I have good eyesight, but the black letters and numbers are small (except the blood sugar number) and the grey background is just tough. I think this could be a real issue for people that are older or have vision issues. Wish it looked like the screen of my Palm or cell phone.

Second, I am irritated with the menu and scrolling options. If you go to a report and decide to look at the two hour screen, rather than the four hour that you originally selected, there is no back button. You have to wait for it to time out (12 seconds in the regular menu and longer, maybe 20 seconds on the reports screens). This wastes time and seems like a silly amenity to leave off. You have to wonder who decides what options to include and which one's have to go, and why.

Traveling all day tomorrow, so may not have time to post, but I appreciate those of you sending comments.

For those of you that currently have a CGM, can you post a comment about whether you were able to get insurance to cover it and all the supplies? I am very curious about this and would appreciate your feedback.

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Anonymous said...

People are getting insurance coverage!!

United Healthcare has approved coverage for MM CGMS for a 2 year old in Lubbock and we received approval last week from UHC for coverage of Dexcom for my 6 year old. She did have to appeal (and blaze the trail!!). This made it easier for me and they approved my first claim for reimbursement. It's out of network for me, so I will be responsible for 30% of the costs. I will appeal for in-network coverage though.

These are just two, but I know of a few more who also convinced insurance how valuable this technology is.

Gary said...

There's some more information on insurance coverage for CGM on the various discussion lists archives in the IP (insulin pumpers) and diabetescgms (

I am very interested in the Navigator, but cost is going to be an issue, particularly since it will be out-of-pocket for me, at least for a year or so, I imagine (currently using DEX).

Thanks for posting!

-Gary (

Anonymous said...

The stick-on plastic film "protectors", which some of us use on Palm PDAs, might solve the scratch problem with the screen on the Navigator's Receiver Module.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your continued posts. I hope to get one of these for my son when it's approved by FDA. I'm logging in daily to see what info you've added.

And thank you Becky for saying United Healthcare has approved for a 2 year old. That's exciting too.

Wendy Morgan said...

Too bad the unit screen is already scratched, the PDA film idea is brilliant. Thanks Rick!

Good news reagrding insurance. I suppose it is just a matter of time before it is covered across the board.

Unknown said...

I have the Dexcom and they told me insurance doesn't cover it so in my continued busy-ness, I haven't really checked because they were so discouraging. Good to hear about UHC - I will follow up with Aetna.