Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day Nine & 10: CGM Trial

Howdy Folks!

So my travel day was interesting Wednesday. I removed the transmitter and sensor at 5:45 a.m., got to the airport and waited for my flight. It was delayed, but I got on the plane and waited for another half-hour. The flight eventually was delayed so long that I would have missed the very event I was planning, so we were forced to call the whole thing off. I got off the plane and came home.

When I got home I put a new sensor and transmitter on my right arm. It was fairly easy, although I still struggled a little getting the transmitter snapped into the sensor mount. At about 8:00 p.m., I was digging in the closet for wrapping paper and bumped my arm. Sure enough the whole darned unit popped off. Pretty frustrating as I was one hour from calibration. I had just walked the dog and was a tiny bit sweaty, but no excuse. The adhesive should hold better.

I put a new sensor on my stomach and immediately put on over-adhesive (Tegaderm) and was alerted at 6:30 a.m. to calibrate the navigator with a finger test. I now know the best time to put the thing on is 10 hours before you want to get up in the morning.

I have to say, I am not as thrilled with either this insertion, or the adhesive issues. I peeled off the Tegaderm and re-applied it because it felt like I put it on too tight and it was making the unit edges dig into my skin. Yesterday, it just felt uncomfortable, so I took off the adhesive very carefully avoiding pulling the whole thing out and put on the other brand of adhesive they gave me (forgot, will look later). It feels better today, but I am hoping to try the arm again (WITH an adhesive over it )at the end of this session.

Regarding comparisons with my meter, I have checked four or five times and the results are between two and 10 points different. Works for me!

I got a question about water protection on a previous post and the sensor and transmitter are waterproof up to a depth of three feet. The receiver is not protected and needs to stay poolside, however, if you are within 10 feet of the receiver you can still get readings, which means if you start to go low while swimming, you can take action.

I leave on another trip to snow and cold on Dec 27 through Dec 31. I am going dog sledding, so I'm glad I'll have the Navigator watching over me.

My blood sugars have been really all over the place last day and a half. I changed my infusion set on my pump, but I am hoping things settle today (especially with the Christmas parties this evening).

Will be checking in infrequently over the Holiday break. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how you got in this study? What is the process?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been checking everyday, hope you will continue your blog soon! :)

Wendy Morgan said...

I was introduced to this study by my endocrinologist; his office is conducting the study for Abbott Diabetes Care.