Sunday, February 25, 2007

Diabetes Connections

Last night I was at a lovely event called Night in the Galleries hosted by the Austin Fine Arts Alliance. Marshall and I traveled between nine galleries drinking wine, eating lovely bites from renowned chefs and decided to close the evening on South Congress Avenue at Yard Dog, a favorite gallery with folk art and a great back yard for parties. Taco Deli catered at this spot and for the first time all evening, I felt like I was eating real food.

My CGM said it was going to be time to replace the sensor soon, so I opted to just take it off before we headed out; I didn't want the thing beeping at me all night. At our first stop I ran into friends from a wide circle that it turns out all know each other from some past life. One friend, G., is a tremendous advocate for type one diabetes research and her family contributes significantly to JDRF. Well, we all introduced ourselves, it turned out that everyone in our circle had a connection to diabetes.

Later, we ran into my husband’s best friend D., who was diagnosed with T1 while he was in medical school. We compared blood sugars after the gallery stop with fried risotto and cheese balls; we both shot way high on an evening where counting carb was an art form.

As we were taking the shuttle back from our final gallery stop to the after party, D.'s wife asked for Marshall's hand. He put it out and Darren held his finger tight and pricked his finger by surprise to test Marshall's sugar: 104. Dr. D treats Marshall's T2. D. raised the finger sticker in the air concerned for every ones health and called for volunteers, "Free blood sugar tests!"

Did I mention the really good and free wine?

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

What a FUN night among people who really get it! I know no other flesh and blood Ds! Never have known anyone with T1.