Monday, February 26, 2007

Freestyle Navigator Software--CoPilot

Thought it was about time I posted some screen shots of the Navigators software--CoPilot, so you can see how this works. I have to admit, I haven't downloaded my stuff very often, but obviously the potential for achieving very tight control is astounding. I thought these screen shots could be enlarged, but they look very lo res (aren't). Don't know how to fix that.

This is a shot of the Daily Combination screen. The line graph is obviously my blood sugars over a day, the circles as sized in relation to how many carbs I ate and the bar graph (largely irrelevant visual) shows how much insulin. The nice thing is that you can see patterns how highs in relation to boluses or food. The screen on the program is not sizable, so here is the bottom half of the screen shot:

Shows actual carbs and insulin numbers. Could eliminate the bar graph for insulin and just show on one screen under food, but I really like the circles. I am very visual, so I see patterns easier than just looking at numbers.

This is the Diary List. Pretty impressive amount of data. I like the apple, indicating a meal. Neat-o!

Glucose Modal Day shows multiple days of readings together. I am showing three days, but you can look at as many as your eyes can handle. Great for showing serious dips or highs at specific times each day. The triangles indicate a finger stick test at calibrations.

Straight ahead Histogram Report. Pretty green , eh?

Gotta love the Pie Chart. There are a million more charts below the first row, but you get the idea. My favorite is the absence of yellow!

Stats, stats and more stats. Plenty of data and oh, by the way, if your Endo is hooked up, you can link to his/her computer and upload your info when you need assistance or adjustments to your insulin levels. Haven't used that function, but it is cool!

Good stuff. Lot's that can be improved upon, but overall, the most helpful program I have ever downloaded related to my diabetes equipment. Again, the Daily Combo is my favorite, but the software doesn't have a feature to click through days; you have to enter in the date from the calendar and wait for it to find it. Major silly.


Val said...

I'm jealous over the charts. The dexCom's software is pretty minimal, the MiniMed CGMS software looks pretty close to what you've shown.

How do you get the insulin doses to show up in the Navigator software? Do you have to enter than manually or does it integrate with your pump software?

Wendy Morgan said...

Hi Val,

Great question! Let me post some pictures of how that works.


Kevin said...

The charts do look pretty nice. And actually having the lines connecting the dot on the modal day is key (the OneTouch software just has the dots, so you lose contextual information).

But I do wish I could look at the graphs with higher res images. And the other key is how easy/intuitive it is to navigate through the chart options. I hate the OneTouch software because of the way you have to go through multiple pull-down menus to get to the graph you want to see, and then you have to click here or there to actually view the summary statistics associated with the graph (even on the "Summary" graph!).

It was based on these frustrations that I created my own logbook in Excel. I still download my meter reading into the OneTouch software, bu then basically log the readings into my own logbook/graphs.

Thanks for sharing these!

Wendy Morgan said...

I found out today at my appoint to retunr my beloved Navigator that the CoPilot software has many more capabilities that I knew about becuase I was given the 10 page quick manual vs,. the 200 page one that comes when you buy the thing.

So, while I loved the options for viewing, I bet I would have loved it even more withthe options to expand readings etc.

zpyatt said...

Hi, I was just wandering how you upload the data from the Navigator. I can find no documentation on this process. Also what kind of hardware is required?


Wendy Morgan said...

BLuetooh USB adapter was how they uploaded info in trial. Not sure how they have pulled it together for the market.

I loved this software compared to Minimed's Carelink. Much easier for me to understand my trends using visual cues not just numbers.

2番線痔 said...

I have a question.
How can I connect Freestyle Navigator receiver to my PC.

There is no information on the manual about Bluetooth PIN code of the device.

From Japanese man in Tokyo.

Wendy Morgan said...

I'm sorry, I have no idea. It all seemed pretty intuitive when I had it, but that was two years ago and had to give it all back. Wish I could help.

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks a lot like software I used to have called "Diabetes Co-Pilot." Do you know if Abbot acquired or licensed Diabetes Co-Pilot?

Wendy Morgan said...

YEs, it is called CoPilot.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Minimed Carelink software has many deficiencies compared to the Abbott CoPilot Software. I hate that the Carelink forces one to look at the data in pdf format and that it is web based only. That can make it run slowly. Also, Carelink seems to limit one to 2 glucose meters per patient. I use 4 in different places. (2 at home, 1 in my car and 1 at work.) I can only upload the data from 2 of the devices. Does anyone kow if it is possible to upload a Minimed pump data to the Abbott CoPilot software?