Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Years Resolution Update: I Quit the Gym. Boy, I Feel Better.

Yeah, I went to the gym, inspired by my walk challenge, which has been, well, challenging. I actually hadn't been in awhile. They supposedly renovated the place and when I walked in I saw new paint and stuff moved around and a lot (whole lot) of people working out like drones in front of the TVs. I wanted to swim. My body was achy and I heard the pool area was new, but it didn't look new, save for paint.

Anyway, I loaded up my gear and went to the desk and told them I quit. Whew! I feel better. No more feeling bad for not going. Paying and not going. Spending 20 minutes to get ready to go. No 20 minutes to unpack and get dressed after going. No more feeling like crap when I look around at all the college students who look just like I did at 23, but I didn't have to work for it then.

So, I came home and pulled out my Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs from like 1995. The 20 minutes workout was scratched (my copout go to) and won't play, so I did the hour. I did it Sunday too and when a friend asked if I wanted to take a walk that day, I said, "sure!"

Yesterday, I did my video again and am already stronger. Interestingly, even after my first workout, I had to adjust my car rearview mirror because my back was straighter. That was actually at the top of my list of priorities, work on my posture. Pilates does that and I love that I workout laying down almost the whole time (or rolling like a ball).

The steps challenge to do 5,000 every day, well, that is hard. In fact, I am super impressed my doctor does 10,000 every day. On an average day of just taking care of the kid, working, coming home I average about 1,200 steps with no extra effort. Sunday, when I went for a long walk, I only managed to hit 4,750. That is my peak since my last post. The days I'm doing Pilates, I'm generally not walking. I take me stairs...going down, and am trying to get more steps in, but other than going on long walks (time), I don't know how you hit 5,000.

So, I'm adjusting my goals a bit. If I do Pilates, walking be damned. If I don't, I need to take the dog on a long stroll.

That's my plan. I just need to move and the Pilates is stretching me like I need, lengthening my muscles and not killing me yet. I do need to accept a couple of the more challenging moves in the video that I have skipped. I did two new ones yesterday and was surprised I could get my legs over my head so easily. Anyway, stay tuned.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go! You're working and moving, and that's what matters. Keep it up!

Kelly said...

Good for you! Ive never been a gym person either! Im struggling right now because I recently went from working PT to FT which I havent done in..16 years! Working FT instead of PT means I SIT. At a desk. All day long. Its torture!

I agree, ANY moving should be the goal initially! Hang in there, we are on the same mission!

Tim Reed said...

Looks like it won't take much longer to hit to 10,000 steps? Personally, I love going to the gym. Sometimes, you do need a professional to oversee what you're doing. A simple wrong posture can do wrong but probably not as much when you're not doing weights. Happy sweating.

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web-op said...

Guess you have a new kind of work out now.

Anonymous said...

God Jesus did not create gyms on them first few days and therefore I want nothing to do with them!