Thursday, April 26, 2007

Minimed CGM Lost Sensor AGAIN! Friend has Same Problems

I met the loveliest woman at the Minimed REAL-Time Pump and CGM training on Monday and we have been e-mailing each other about our experiences with this thing. Since we put on the sensors at the doctors office on Monday we have both experienced a some really wide ranges between finger sticks and the readings on the CGM. For instance I tested 261 and the CGM said 140. I even did a correction for the 261 and I saw no change on the CGM.

She had the same issue, finger test 227, CGM 147 with two down arrows even. She reported two Cal Errors and a Bad Sensor yesterday, so she switched out everything feeling a little frustrated that the sensor only lasted three days. Today she was working out (with new sensor) and the CGM kept giving her LOW alarms showing a blood sugar of 40 for an hour. She tested every ten minutes while this was happening and got finger test readings of 140-240. What gives?

Today is sensor day four for me and I got two Cal Errors and a Bad Sensor. I wonder if we have a bad batch of sensors?

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Anonymous said...

This seems to be a common theme among CGMS users. What is with all these "bad batches". I have read claims that even the co.'s phone representatives have suggested the CAL-error, and such, are caused by bad batches of sensors. It sounds like a crap-shoot if you will get accurate results or something completely off-the-wall

Wendy Morgan said...
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Wendy Morgan said...

I am going to do a comparison of readings and post them with this new sensor. Weirdly, the sensor I had on Monday came from the Doctors office, but the box didn't come home with me. I just opened a new box, so we are at square one with comparisons to the last sensor.

Drea said...

Did you call Minimed? It sounds like you have a bad batch of sensors, that is not normal at all!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Wendy - nope I am not dead. It sounds like you are maybe as exasperated as I am. I have NOTHING to complain about but I am just tired of it all. I am tired of having a stupid wire stuck to me with the pump at the end when I go out side. i am tired of worrying if the insulin is getting destrouyed by the sun. I am tired of getting tangled up in the wire and my summer tshirt. i am tired of grumbling and what is the point...... I just want to spend the few minutes that D leaves me alone doing something other than D! And i kind of feel still feel terribly slone with managing this disease. i get no help from the docs. I am not saying it is there fault. I am the one most capable of figuring myself out. My big problem is that the ketones remain, my insulin ratios are changing all the time and I am exhausted! For the same food and exercise my insulin was 5U, then it sunk to 2.5U, then it increased to 7.5U and then yesterday I had terrible hypos and so today it is at 6U. Excuse my language, but what the fuck is going on?! I want a diabetes vacation. AND I KNOW I AM A TOTALLY EGOCENTRIC YUCK TO COMPLAIN! AND I do not write my blog b/c with all those people out there I still feel alone. What is the point. I cannot help anyone and noone can help me. My frustrations are so dam petty/miniscule/stupid... And why is bloglines in German?

Scott S said...

Good hearing about your experience, I'm considering a CGM and want to try and make an informed decision about whether its worth all the difficulty trying to get one!

affme said...

Hey now,

I have had problems with the last two sensors. What I have learned so far is that you should always allow the sensor to warm to room temp prior to insertion. Apparently, if you insert it before it reaches room temp, condensation can form around the sensor wire causing inaccurate (usually low) readings. This should clear up withing 12 hours or so.

I am still pretty new to this having been on it for 2 weeks. Prior to that I wore the Dexcom for 10 days and did the 72 hour deal with the guardian 2 or three years ago.

My biggest problem is finding a comfortable site. The last two have been about level with the navel and about 2/3 of the way over to my side. Obviously this site is not working as the last one lasted 2 days before it became too painful to bear. The sensor before that was a little sore, but was having all kinds of problems with accuracy where it seemed 'stuck' between 140-160 while my actual BG was between 80-240.

I am thrilled with the device in general, and believe that I (and probably each of us) have to iron out the kinks and find what works for us. The problem is that at $35 each that can get expensive.

Since I have rambled this much, I will throw out there that I am attempting to get coverage for the device and sensors, so will be sure to keep you all informed on my progress. (and, in spite of receiving death threats, will inform you that I work for WellPoint.