Friday, April 6, 2007

Minimed Minilink and 722 Pump is Here!

Well, my Medtronic Minimed Pathway upgrade arrived today as well as the Minilink REAL-Time Transmitter. I am SO excited, except they said I really need to be trained before I hook this thing up. I am scheduled for training on April 23; that is a REALLY long time from now, so I called to see if I could move it up. No response back yet.

I read the directions last night and I am pretty sure I can figure this thing out fine. I do have one small issue before I move forward. I was using the clear version of the 712 and I said, "Hey, let's try something new!" So, I ordered the "smoke" colored pump and now that I’ve seen it, I really, really dislike it. It looks so medical and pager like. I called right away and they are going to overnight me a clear one on Monday. You know, if I am going to look at this thing 30,000 times for the next four years, I have to like it. So, it is worth the wait for me. Fashion first!

Some thing I’d like to note Comparing the Real-time and the Freestyle Navigator:

Alarms: Navigator gave warning alarms for impending lows or highs, the Real-time only warns WHEN you hit a self-prescribed low or high. So, I may set my warnings closer to normal, so I can use the trend arrows to determine if I am headed Far North or South.

Navigator was more complicated to snooze, and had no variation in times for snoozing. This was especially irritating with high blood sugars. The Real-time has a default one hour snooze on high blood sugars and a 20 minute snooze on lows, which can also be customized to meet your needs. I love that.

Arrows: Navigator had northeast and southeast arrows, Real-time has a single arrow north or single arrow south, which I guess says the same thing. We’ll see when I get it on.

Transmitter: Real-time Minilink ~ Rockin’ Roll small! Rechargeable battery that lasts 14 days or more! It feels nice; like a smooth river rock or shell. Interesting how shape and feel can influence your feeling about something. It doesn’t feel medical; it almost feels like an accessory. Someone in marketing was thinking on this one and I, as a marketing guru, appreciate this. Navigator was large in comparison and very device-like. I am certain they will make this smaller and hopefully sexier.

Sensor: Can say too much because I am only looking at it, but the Navigator had disposable inserters and you didn’t see what was being plunged into you. The end result was a tiny; an itty bitty (VERY itty bitty) tube attached to a micro-chip going 5 mm under the skin. The Minimed Real-time is pretty cool looking with clear plastic and it is small on the surface, but the needle looks really long and think. The tube looks really long, but is inserted at a 45 degree angle. I like the reusable inserter, isn’t particularly loud, but we’ll see more when in use. I definitely like less waste associate with this system.

Reporting: Navigator had a wide variety of on-board reporting; 2, 4, 12 and 24 (I think this combo) hour line graphs and statistics (which I found useless). It appears, although I haven’t delved further, that you have instant access to a 3 hour and a 24 hour line graph on the pump for the Real-time. I thought a lot about this and it makes sense to me. This allows you to see immediate trends post meal, post high or low, etc. I was hoping to see a 12 hour, but really, I think the 24 hour will be fine, again, for spotting trends over the course of days.

Software: It appears there is a web-based program when you can upload your real-time info. I haven’t explored this further, but I have to say that I really liked the Navigator Co-pilot software’s visual and data based reporting systems. It also appears that the Real-time has similar data and charts available, but there were some nuances in the Co-Pilot that I really liked, so I am anxious to compare.

Look, if you are wearing a pump already I think this thing is amazing. Not having to carry two units around is a blessing for me fashion wise and also the pump is attached to me, which means I won’t loose it. If you are on MDI, the Navigator will rock your world when it comes out. Although I know Minimed has a separate CGM as well, I can’t say anything about it because I have never looked at it.

It is 40 degrees and raining in Austin this morning and this is coming off of multiple days hitting almost 90 degrees. Hope the Easter bunny can hide his eggs in the backyard tomorrow! Oh! I asked my husband for help with Easter bunny items this year and he bought lots of empty eggs and got a roll Sacagawea dollars and half-dollar coins instead of so much candy for our little T1 girl. He also hit the dollar store for silly little things, but we are mixing this with chocolate eggs and gum (couldn’t find sugar free gum eggs, too bad—8 carbs each). We quit buying sugar free chocolates etc, because they give you a stomach ache and are only a few carbs less than real chocolate. Any other creative ideas around this holiday are appreciated.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

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Bernard said...


I'm very excited for you. Please post more about it as you learn how to use it.

I'm continuing to do the same about the Dexcom on my blog.

It'll be interesting to compare notes later.

Mandy said...

Wendy, thank you for posting on this. I have just recieved my 722, and my real time monitoring thingy! I'm so excited to hook it up now! I've been pumping for about 4 years and just upgraded to the 722. Definately post more! I'll be here more often now that I have found this!