Sunday, April 29, 2007

Minimed REAL-Time CGM Back on Track / Camp for T1 Kids

With the exception of one weird and whacked out reading comparison, my blood sugars have been matching very closely with the finger sticks. I am relieved! My daughter just got her pump upgrade and we changed from purple to blue, which makes her really happy. I am being patient, but I hope she give the CGM a try. She can try mine out before we buy.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting two other families living with T1. Moms with kids going to Camp Sweeney decided on a play date before the kids head off to camp and we met at Central Market (a lovely grocery with outdoor play area and great live music). The three girls played on the playscape and moms chatted about all kinds of stuff, but the focus was on diabetes and how we handle so many of the complicated situations we have with little ones with T1.

My girl was pretty nervous; she is six and a half and the other girls are eight, but they were so sweet and asked my girl if she wanted to play. Last night she told me how much she loved meeting the girls and one of the moms is pulling together another group before the one week mini-session at Camp Sweeney (Camp Sweeney is an overnight camp for children with diabetes that lasts one week for the mini-session and three weeks for the regular sessions). My girl surprised me when she said she wanted to attend.

Anyway, it is so nice to be developing a community of friendships with kids who have T1. My daughter also attends Camp Bluebonnet (also for kids with diabetes), which is a day camp about an hour from Austin and that is another place where these kids will grow their friendships. When I was diagnosed at 14, I knew only one kid with T1 and she abused her body. She gave up trying early in her adolescence and I didn’t like to be around her, because her attitude was so bad. I never got the chance to go to Camp Sweeney and I’m a little upset my parents didn’t encourage me to go. I didn’t understand at the time how cool it would be to hang out with kids in my same position.

Anyway, my daughter has the opportunity and I hope it grows healthier attitudes and wonderful friendships.

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Keith said...


Sorry you didn't get a chance to attend Camp Sweeney, but it's great that your daughter is going.

I attended in '69 & '70 and it was great. My parents asked me if I wanted to keep attending, but they had just purchased a new boat and camper and I found that much too enticing. Still, I received excellent care and instruction early in my diabetic 'career'. It was also good to realize there were alot of other T1's in the area (I grew up in Irving and many were from the D/FW area).

Sorry about your friend that abandoned her control. Obviously there are all types wherever we go. In the 5th grade, I had a T1 friend whose parents didn't give him much encouragement and he was starting a downward spiral even at that young age. At camp I saw a young man w/the 'pits' , deep impressions in his abdomen caused by not rotating injection sites. Fortunately, I was good about rotating, but it sure provided incentive to keep doing so.

Didn't mean to post my life story here, but I think you'll be very happy w/Camp Sweeney. Good luck and I hope your daughter has as much fun as I did.