Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have to give it back...

I got a call from my Endo's office today to remind me of my final appointment related to the CGM study. It is on Friday, March 9 and no, Abbott did not choose to extend the study. Sad, sigh...

I have been running high all week...made adjustments to my basal rate with little effect. It is PMS; hormones make diabetes so difficult! Even with the CGM it is hard to"watch" and evaluate yourself all the time. Definitely more to share on that subject later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with the cgms! I find this new technology very amazing to be able to know what your blood sugar is at any given moment, allowing you to take action now and not later. Amazing!

You must be very sad to be returning the cgms. How was you able to get in on the study? I would of love to be in on that!

I don't understand why the fda is taking so long to approve this, is it because of the 5 day use you think?

Any thoughts of trying MinMed's with it built into the pump now that you have to return the cgms?

Again thanks for sharing! I know I am going to be sad not reading your experience with the cgms.

Wendy Morgan said...

Yes, I am looking at the Minimed, but it is an issue of affordability and whether insurance covers it. Generaly, things are getting better in terms of insurance coverage.

I have a Minimed pump, so an upgrade would be awesome, but I really want to wait until the new and smaller transmitter/sensors come out.

Shannon said...

Hi Wendy!!

I didn't know that Freestyle had a CGMS in the works!! Thanks for posting your experiences with it.